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MIReS consortium 6-month meeting in Barcelona

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  • May 2012




    We are organising the first ever Music Tech Fest in London on the 17-19 May, by pulling the entire music technology ecosystem under one roof - from the big guys in the music industry and media, music tech startups and apps creators, to developers, researchers, artists, performers, creatives and hackers.

    The event has grown as lots of people seem to have discovered this new landscape. It is entirely non-profit - co-funded by our EU FP7 grant for MIReS: the roadmap for the future of music tech and Ravensbourne's ERDF-funded Digital Media Innovation Consultancy project and Business Incubator we are part of. We've been really lucky to have people chipping in with all sorts of contributions and now the whole thing is looking pretty exciting.

    We have confirmed participation from some big music industry brands and personalities, as well as a great crowd from creative agencies - all of whom are  into music and tech big time. We are running the whole thing as a "festival of ideas" rather than a conference, with "synaesthesia workshops" about music discovery and "seeing music", mixing performances and presentations, demos, installations, as well as good old tinkering. We are thinking and evolving on our feet here and we welcome experimentation and randomness by having a 3-D Music Hack Camp and a musically-hacked light sabre party on the final night.

    Check for the growing list of participants and press announcements by the founders of three pioneering music tech outfits.

About MIReS

MIReS was an EU FP7-funded 18-month project focusing on the future impact of music technology research on academia and industry. The project created a Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch, by expanding the context of the field of Music Information Retrieval and addressing challenges such as multimodal information, multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity.
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