Networked Media EU FP7 8th Concertation Meeting

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"M.I.R. and Creation" Workshop

Music Matters 2012 @ ALL THAT MATTERS

MIReS consortium 6-month meeting in Barcelona

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Networked Media EU FP7 8th Concertation Meeting

Welcome to MIReS!

  • Dec 2011



    The INFSO Networked Media Systems Unit is managing the Networked Media and Search Systems objective under ICT Theme of FP7. In this context, the Unit is organising the 8th FP7 Concertation Meeting in Brussels on 13-14 December 2011.

    The meeting aims to bring together the ongoing FP7 projects to facilitate exchange of results and achievements. The projects are organised in four clusters: 3D Immersive Interactive Media (3DIIM), Future Media Networks (FMN), Media Search (MS) and User Centric Media (UCM).

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About MIReS

MIReS was an EU FP7-funded 18-month project focusing on the future impact of music technology research on academia and industry. The project created a Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch, by expanding the context of the field of Music Information Retrieval and addressing challenges such as multimodal information, multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity.
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