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  • Jun 2012




    The 9th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR) "Music and Emotions" will take place at Queen Mary University of London on 19-22 June 2012. Jointly organised by the Centre for Digital Music and the CNRS - Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique (France), CMMR 2012 welcomes researchers, educators, librarians, (film) music composers, performers, music software developers, members of industry, and others with an interest in computer music modeling, retrieval, analysis, and synthesis to join us for what promises to be a great event.

    CMMR is an interdisciplinary conference involving fields such as computer science, engineering, information retrieval, human computer interaction, digital libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence, acoustics, audio and music signal processing, musicology, music perception and cognition, neuroscience, as well as music composition and performance. The first CMMR gatherings (see the CMMR History page) mainly focused on information retrieval, programming, digital libraries, hypermedia, artificial intelligence, acoustics and signal processing.

    This year, we encourage the submission of contributions on the theme of Music and Emotions. Music can undoubtedly trigger various types of emotions within listeners. The power of music to affect our mood may explain why music is such a popular and universal art form.

    More info on: CMMR web

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MIReS was an EU FP7-funded 18-month project focusing on the future impact of music technology research on academia and industry. The project created a Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch, by expanding the context of the field of Music Information Retrieval and addressing challenges such as multimodal information, multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity.
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